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Scientific Design


We provide innovative data-integrated scientific visualizations for research institutions, pharmaceutical industries and medical device companies to reimagine the boundaries of scientific communication. 

Our method. 

We employ a multi-step process to produce compelling scientific visualizations that not only captivate audiences but stay true to the science

Our methodology involves leveraging both laboratory data and previously published research to construct comprehensive models that inspire and educate. We take pride in identifying the beauty and significance in the smallest of details. 

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Ai Powered
Scientific Design.

ExonScientific is the first scientific design company to integrate AI-based generation methods with computational molecular modeling to produce beautiful and scientifically accurate visualizations.

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Exonscientific scientific communication

& Science

Innovating a new approach to scientific communication through 3D design

Artistically Scientific.

Figures, Images, Journal Covers, 3D Animations, 3D Simulations, Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions

State of the art COVID-19 Modeling & Visualizations

Advanced Protein 
Structure Rendering

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