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ExonScientific Artifical Intelligence

The power of
artificial intelligence.


A new approach. Pioneering the integration of Image Diffusion Artificial Intelligence with scientific 3D modeling. 

ExonScientific Artifical Intelligence

Scientific imaging through dynamic 3D visualizations.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, ExonScientific is progressing a new era of scientific exploration. 

We have developed a unique data-integrated workflow focused on scientific accuracy. AI allows for the preservation of structural and molecular data while expanding the creative possibilities of scientific visualization. 


ExonScientific Innovative Brain


Custom Ai Image generation is designed through an initial data-integrated molecular model created in Blender Cycles/EVEE.

This render contains structural data in a Protein Database File (PDB) which can be rendered through a customized and iterative workflow. 

ExonScientific Innovative Brain

AI-Prompt Generation.

We then train a custom image diffusion AI on structural data obtained from Blender and PYMOL renders. Integration into existing systems including MidJourney and Stable Diffusion AI is supported.  

Manuscript and project text files are maintained in a
GPT-4 library which can be utilized to generate prompts. Image weights are added to control render accuracy. 

ExonScientific Innovative Brain

& Image Diversity

Methods such as image variation and style transfer help achieve image diversity, enabling a broad spectrum of visual outcomes that facilitate artistic expression and creative range. 

The rendered images are stored in a high-resolution format to be easily integrated into presentations, publications, and reports. 

ExonScientific Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and 
Augmented Reality.

We provide Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) integration for both industry and academic applications.

- Immersive Medical Education
- Virtual Surgical Assistance
- 3D Training Simulation 
- 360-degree 3D Video 
- Augmented Diagnosis 
- Mixed Reality 
- Microsoft HoloLense
- Meta Oculus Quest


ExonScientific Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Microsoft HoloLens: AR headset used for medical education and training, allows projection of holographic images of the human body.

  • Oculus Quest 2: Standalone VR headset used for medical visualization, offers high-end performance with a relatively. 

  • Osso VR: VR platform used for surgical training, provides realistic simulations of surgical procedures.

  • Surgical Theater: VR platform used for pre-operative planning for complex surgical procedures, creates a 3D model of a patient's anatomy.

  • EchoPixel: Medical imaging VR platform used for visualizing complex patient anatomy, allows manipulation and exploration of 3D models in real time.


Deep Mind
Ai Generation.

Generative AI is revolutionizing scientific design by enabling the creation of complex visualizations that blend scientific accuracy with aesthetic beauty. By training AI models on vast amounts of scientific data, researchers can create stunning and informative visualizations that convey scientific concepts in an intuitive and accessible manner.

This technology has the potential to enhance our understanding and appreciation of scientific phenomena, while also inspiring new avenues of scientific inquiry, discovery and exploration.

ExonScientific Poster Design
ExonScientific Neurons


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