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Protein Visualization
PDB & CryoEM Visualization
Glycoprotein  Simulation

Structural Data Analyzation
Custom Image AI Development
Custom AI Prompt Codes

Graphical Abstract Creation
​Journal Cover Publications
Manuscript Figures and Images


Mechanism of Action Animation MOA
Mechanism of Defense Animation MOD
Medical Device Animation
Medical Device Product Renders

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
VR Enviorment Creation
360 Video and Surgical Simulation

Infographics and 2D Visuals



Educational Infographics
Educational Animations
VR/AR for Education
​VR/AR for Telehealth

Integrated E-Learning Solutions
Educational Mobile App Design 


Exonscientific n protein image #1 ranked on google images and refrenced in Forbes Magazine

The Image that went "Viral"

#1 ranked on Google Images for search "N-Protein". Referenced in Forbes Magazine, News Medical Life Sciences and over 50 online articles.

Scientific Journal Covers.

Accurate & visually captivating publication services.

Protein Rendering.

Powered by PYMOL and Blender EVEE

ExonScientific Spike Protein

PDB Data Integration

ExonScientific Spike Protein

Glycoprotein Simulation

ExonScientific Spike Protein

Visualization & Rendering


Spike Glycoprotein

Scientific Animations.

Powered by PYMOL and Blender EVEE

Scientific Figures.

Powered by PYMOL and Blender EVEE